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Errata for Planta Nubo (english version)

Errata for Planta Nubo, most recent version first

Download rules V1.1

Version 1.1

Page 5, point 8 b, blue box

Only now in the setup place one matching flower on top of each freight container on the docking slots to the rightmost spot.

Page 9, box left column, 4th paragraph from top 

When the energy die passes a cupreous pipe that connects a planted space in your planting area with the energy track you may do the following:

▶ Either move any flower from this space to your compost pile.

You will gain one Oxygen Point immediately. Note: This might trigger a Compost Action (see page 15.)

▶ Or place a fitting flower on the space in case there is an empty spot. Note: In case the spot is cultivated with a soil tile, place any flower.

Page 12, first box left column, Action »Place Flowerbed and get flowers«

Take the topmost flowerbed of the stack on the flowerbed action tile next to you have placed your tool. In case there is no flowerbed left on this tile take a flowerbed from a stack of the same color on another flowerbed action tile.

Note: Mind the special case in a 3 player game (see box to the right).

You also can get flowerbed actions when reaching your first arbor level or through module actions (in this cases take the topmost flowerbed from any of the flowerbed stacks).

After that, place the new tile …

Page 12, second box right column

The flowerbed action tiles with two colors are only available in a 3 player game! If you carry out such a tile, you take the topmost flowerbed from a stack on another flowerbed action tile, which shows one of the two colors.

If all the flowerbeds of the matching color are already taken,you are allowed to take a flowerbed from the other stack of that color. This usually only happens in a four player game!

Page 12, left box, second arrow

▶ The part of the growing area isn’t blocked by a barricade and therefore accessible. You are only allowed to place in a light-brown area after removing the barricade there.
Note: A barricade blocks the complete light-brown area.

Page 13, box action »Delivery to Freight Containers at the Airport«, first arrow

▶ Take 1 flower from your platform and put it on one free spot …

Page 14, first box from top, red text 

Note: If you currently have no free slot available you may place the new container next to your Tool Shack. You may place it as soon as one of your slots get available.

Page 15, left column, third red box from top, action »Compost Flower«

This might trigger the immediate action »Take a Soil Tile«: As soon as you have three flowers of any color on your compost pile, discard them and put them …

Page 16, step 3, box, right column

Spend 2 gardenbot charges and turn your die to the next higher number. If the die is already on the 6, you can’t upgrade the die any longer.

Page 16, step 3, pink box

They get triggered when you upgrade your energy die! If you can’t upgrade the die any longer, they don’t get triggered any longer.

Page 19, »The Flowerpots«

At any time in the game, you …

Page 19, lower part »The Flowerpots«, third paragraph 

Flowers that have been planted in pots, may still be used like the flowers in your growing area. You are allowed to move them from one pot to another pot anytime.

Page 20, second box from top, right column

Turn the die to the next higher number. An upgrade is not longer possible after reaching number 6.

Page 22, box with blue arrow

The action or requirement in the light blue arrow must be performed or fullfiled, so you can use the effect on the right side. A »1x« means, you can do this once in a players turn.

Page 23, »Final Scoring«, point 2

Score flowerpots with the matching colored flowers on them. Return the flowers to the gerneral supply, once you scored them. If you have remaining standby markers on your extension workshops cards, …

Page 24, second paragraph from top

Use the airship blueprints (A) with 1 dot and 2 dots. You see them on the blueprints next to the letter A.

Page 26, green box, second arrow

Repeat that procedure for the second flower with the second lowest freight container (if there is any) or otherwise the second leftmost empty spot on the lowest freight container.

Page 26, box »Deliver to Airships«

Container icon corrected to airship container icon

Page 26, box »Deliver to Airships«, third box

Botbot delivers from right to left up to two matching flowers to the new container, marked with their point marker until all three flowers are delivered or a delivery is not possible anymore. Finally go with the marker to the only container left, if you still haven’t delivered three flowers.

Page 26, green box, lowest text:

Botbot delivers, from right to left, 2 yellow flowers (Note: Botbot never uses the warehouse). … From a previous turn its has 1 energy left, which is indicated by a soil tile on its solo board.